Thursday, December 18, 2014

For India, and the North!

Well friends, its finally time to 'spill it all'... well, tell you all I know about my upcoming trip to India, that is.  I will give you all the details that I know, and if you wish to join me as I prepare, then my joy would be that much more complete!

All right, here goes. Warning, this is long. 0:-)
As many of you know, I am in the middle of my 2nd year at school. I am absolutely loving it here, and could tell you all sorts of things about my major, my friends and my adventures there. For now, I'll focus on my trip to India.

-My team was originally going all over India, and there were more than 20 of us. That was a little big, so the program leadership split us up into two teams, one going to Northern India, and one going to Southern India.

 My team now has 13 members- 10 ladies and 3 wonderful gentlemen. We have already gotten so close, and look forward to developing deeper relationships as we get closer to the trip. 

-The actual mission: we'll be working with a nonprofit chidlren's organization in india. We'll be figuring out exactly what we're doing next semester when we Skype our contacts. What we know is that we'll be with the kids the whole time, pouring into them through 3-4 VBS style children's camps, games and other fun things. Our contacts have shared that they want us to plan the majority of the camps, and have a real hands-on involvement in the planning process. Our goal is to bless our contacts, and bring relief and rest to them. Through blessing them, we expect to learn and grow in our own walks with God, and have many opportunities to love on the children.

-For now though, my team is mostly focused on raising funds for the trip, and praying over every detail. We are scheming and dreaming up all sorts of fundraising plans, including my jewelry design, which I'll get to in a second.

-What about you guys? Well, my team and myself are the ones going to India, but we need so much support, both financially and in prayer. Here are some simple ways that all of you can be involved:

    1) Prayer. If you know anything about missions, or about India, you'll know that this our biggest 
        need. Here's whatwe need prayer for:
                - My team
                - Our contacts 

                - Planning 

                - Fundraising 

     2) Donating, or Purchasing items ;)
                - My team is coming up with bake sales & events 
               If you're in town, join us! Even if you can't donate,
               the more the merrier!
               - Necklaces - for once, my creativity is working, 
                 praise the Lord! I am working on making a series 
                of stamped metal necklaces to sell. To the right is a 
                sample of the stamps themselves. When I get actual 
                samples done, I will post prices and pictures all 
                over my blog and social media, so keep watching!

               - If you ARE interested in donating, here's your 
                 info. It's really easy, and takes just a few minutes. I 
                 tried it myself, just to make sure I was right in 
                 saying it is easy. If you want more in-depth information
                on how to do this, please contact me on Facebook, or
                comment below.

Well, that's all I have for you now.
Thank you guys, so much, for reading all my excited outpourings of thoughts and information. It is largely because of all of you that I am able to dream as much as I do.

Be blessed this Christmas, and know that I love you all dearly!

Have a glorious day!

--An Adventuring Friend

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