Saturday, December 13, 2014

More on Me and This year...

Being home is such a nice feeling. I hope you've experienced the "at home moment" before- you know, when you're surrounded by people you love, in a place you love, and you are at peace?
I'm definitely feeling that today. I got in to my parents' house after day-long road trip with my best friend. Finals week is *finally!* done, and I'm officially half-way through my degree-in-three college journey. 3 semesters down, 3 more to go!

I can't say that homecoming was perfect though. There was a familiar little jingle and bark that I distinctly missed when I walked in the door. Seems like life just cannot be perfect, but we're thankful for those little moments anyway. Eh, well, you can read more of my rambles & ponderings in my "Adventuring Through Life" blog. This one's for status updates. ;)

So here it is:
This year has been so fantastic! God has taught me so much through the adventures I have been on both at home, school, and on crazy road trips with friends (maybe a future blog?). I have had so many opportunities to meet new people and build lasting friendships, learn new ideas and challenge old ones, and otherwise grow as a person.... Not literally of course. We all know that this little frame isn't getting any taller. (So sad)....
Tangent over, here are some highlights from the year:

I got to adventure through 5 different states over Fall break,
driving all over with my 4 best friends. We learned so much
more about each other than  we ever thought we could, sang
our country-music-loving hearts out at the Grand Ole Opery,
and did all sorts of crazy things.... like me getting a tattoo. ;)
So much fun.

I found out that I can graduate with my undergraduate degree in 3 years. What a blessing!

I got to intern with a local nonprofit, working with kids and pouring into them...
So many things! I suppose if you want to hear more, you just need to ask me.

Well, that's my year in a wrap.
The only thing I missed was updates on my upcoming trip to India. That'll be in my next post. I have all sorts of fun information and prayer requests to share with you guys as I talk about this upcoming trip. In the meantime, hope you're feeling "at home" this holiday season! Find time to rest, worship, work, and play, and be blessed my friends!

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